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Logging instruments

Well logging services

Borehole logging provides valuable information about rock properties adjacent to the borehole, formation fluids and the technical state of well. According to project tasks and the character of the rock environment, it is necessary to specify requirements for borehole logging to decide what set of logs should be used.

WR Instruments Services

Well Logging

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W&R instruments has long term experience in well logging services. We provide services in the following fields:

Our capabilities provide our clients with cost-effective solutions and essential assets. In particular, for multi-well projects covering wide areas and multiple problems, the diversity of our logging services provides impressive added value.

Training Courses

If required, we provide suitable training programmes as an integral part of purchase for any of our products. Suitable customer training assures the correct application of our products. Also as a part of customer service we offer specific training courses for customers and clients. The courses can be focussed on any field of our activities or production. Our experienced staff will explain all aspects of borehole logging and application of our products. The trainees receive an appropriate syllabus and a certificate of training.

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